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Are you looking for good, reliable landscape services? If yes, trust the landscapers at American Green to offer you exceptional care and service. Rely on the over 20 years of experience we have handling various commercial landscape projects across Orange, VA and surrounding counties.


We'll ensure to pay attention to every minute detail and take very good care of your turf. Get customized services to suit your needs and budget. Contact us to enhance the outdoor living space of your commercial property now.

Have a Vibrant Looking Commercial Property

Get excellent landscaping solutions

  • Control and prevent vegetation in parking lots or large gravel areas

  • Control and prevent insects around your commercial building

  • General lawn maintenance - mowing, trimming, mulching, and pruning

  • Tree and shrub care

Keep Your Outdoor Space Professional Looking and Healthy

We GUARANTEE that no one else does lawns better than us. Call:


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